>Toubleshooting CD-ROM

23 Jun

>1. If the CD-ROM will boot from a recovery CD, then this would indicate a Windows software problem instead of a CD-ROM issue. It can usually be attributed to a corrupt driver. To reinstall the drivers:

1. Go to Start>> Right click My Computer>> Properties>> Hardware>> Device Manager.

2. Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives line item.

3. Right click on the items below and select Uninstall drive on the resulting menu.

4. Re-boot the system and Windows will automatically detect the CD-ROM drive and re-install the drivers for you.

2. Try a different media – some brands will just not work correctly with a given CD-ROM drive. Watch out for compatibility problems with Maxell, Memorex and Macromedia CDs.

3. Check for unusual noises, maybe a ticking type noise. This could indicate a cracked disk. Or, the media may not be seated correctly on the spindle.

4. Is the access light on?

5. Is the CD Clean?

6. Check error messages in Event Viewer. Here’s how:

Go to Start>> Settings>> Control Panel>> Administrative Tools>> Computer Management (or Event Viewer)

7. Check your manufacturer’s web site for software updates and drive updates. Check for QSI firmware updates.

8. For DVD – Are you trying to write to a DVD that is READ ONLY?

9. If all has failed, you may be faced with performing a complete Operating System Recovery or Repair (preferred).

10. If nothing above has worked for you, then you may need to take the drive in to a service facility for repair or replace the drive.

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